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Superior Donuts by Tracy Letts

Superior Donuts by Tracy Letts Warning: After watching this play, you may be compelled to drive to the nearest donut shop, thereupon eating your fill of bear-claws, maple bars, and old fashioned glazed. At least, that was the effect the play had on me. Theres quite a bit of donut-talk, and were easily persuaded, especially when it comes to dessert. However, Superior Donuts, a 2009 comedy written by Tracy Letts, offers a bit more than sweet talk. About the Playwright Tracy Letts, son of author Billie Letts, is most famous for his Pulitzer Prize-winning play, August: Osage County. He has also written Bug and Man from Nebraska. The aforementioned plays blend dark comedy with an even darker exploration of the human condition. Superior Donuts, in contrast, is lighter fare. Although the play does delve into issues of race and politics, many critics consider Donuts closer to a TV sitcom rather than a brilliant piece of theater. Sitcom comparisons aside, the play features lively dialogue and a final act that is ultimately uplifting, albeit a bit predictable at times. The Basic Plot Set in modern-day Chicago, Superior Donuts depicts the unlikely friendship between a down-and-out donut shop owner and his enthusiastic employee, who also happens to be an aspiring author with a serious gambling problem. Franco, the young writer, wants to update the old shop with healthy choices, music, and friendlier service. However, Arthur, the shop owner, wants to remain set in his ways. The Protagonist The main character is Arthur Przybyszewski. (No, we didnt just mash my fingers on the keyboard; that is how his last name is spelled.) His parents immigrated to the U.S. from Poland. They opened the donut shop which eventually Arthur took over. Making and selling donuts has been his lifelong career. Yet, even though he is proud of the food he makes, he has lost his optimism for running the day-to-day business. Sometimes, when he doesnt feel like working, the shop stays closed. Other times, Arthur doesnt order enough supplies; when he has no coffee the local police, he relies on the Starbucks across the street. Throughout the play, Arthur delivers reflective soliloquies in between the regular scenes. These monologs reveal several events from his past that continue to haunt his present. During the Vietnam War, he moved to Canada to avoid the draft. In his middle-age years, Arthur lost contact with his young daughter after he and his wife divorced. Also, at the beginning of the play, we learn that Arthurs ex-wife recently died. Even though they had been apart, he is deeply affected by her death, thus adding to his lethargic nature. The Supporting Character Every crotchety curmudgeon needs a pollyanna to balance things out. Franco Wicks is the young man who enters the donut shop and ultimately brightens Arthurs perspective. In the original cast, Arthur is portrayed by Michael McLean, and the actor poignantly wears a T-shirt with a yin-yang symbol. Franco is the yin to Arthurs yang. Franco walks in seeking a job, and before the interview is over (although the young man does most of the talking, so its not a typical interview) Franco has not only landed the job, he has suggested a variety of ideas that could improve the store. He also wants to move up from the register and learn how to make the donuts. Eventually, we learn that Franco is enthusiastic not simply because he is an ambitious up-and-coming businessman, but because he has huge gambling debts; if he doesnt pay them off, his bookie will make sure that he gets hurt and loses a few fingers. "America Will Be" Arthur resists and occasionally resents Francos improvement suggestions. However, the audience gradually learns that Arthur is a pretty open-minded, educated guy. When Franco wagers that Arthur would not be able to name ten African American poets, Arthur starts off slowly, naming popular choices like Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou, but then he finishes strong, rattling off the names and impressing his young employee. When Franco confides in Arthur, revealing that he has been working on a novel, a turning point is reached. Arthur is genuinely curious about Francos book; once he finishes reading the novel he takes a more vested interest in the young man. The book is titled America Will Be, and although the audience never learns much about the novels premise, the books themes profoundly impact Arthur. By the plays end, the protagonists sense of courage and justice have been reawakened, and he is willing to make great sacrifices to save Francos physical and artistic life.

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You Need an Audience

You Need an Audience Some of you will frown reading that headline, because in every aspect of your writing life, to be considered successful, you need an audience. And we hate that part of our profession: Platform. That doesnt mean you need 10,000 Twitter fans, 15,000 Facebook followers, 40,000 newsletter readers or 50,000 unique visitors to your blog, so dont get all bothered If you think a hundred or a thousand is out of your reach, then ponder what and who youre writing for. If its friends and family, then dont bother with all the hoopla of a publisher, Amazon, ISBNs or any professional needs of a book. Write your blog for loved ones only and quit looking at the statistics. Write for free in magazines that pay in copies. Otherwise, you need a fan base. One thousand people who would walk through hell for you and drag others along with them. How do you do that? 1) Show up to work each and every day. Fans dont want helter-skelter idols. They want the person to be there when THEY show up. If you skip days, you lose ground, and your fans will find someone more reliable. Post somewhere. Write something. Dont let the gears get rusty. 2) Produce each and every day. Whatever you write, tap into it daily. If you are writing a long project, then work at social media, write short pieces, or freelance in periodicals. But write like you eat, brush your teeth, and change your underwear. Make it that ingrained in your mental and physical existence. 3) Respond without exception. When a reader messages you on Facebook, sends a Tweet, emails or comments on your blog, respond. Put effort into the reply. Respect that person for taking the time. A well-worded reply can buy a fan for years, and if youre attentive enough, that fan will tell the story to dozens. 4) Avoid confrontation. You are writing for these people. You have messages to deliver and stories to tell. Dont pick a fight. Let others have their opinions. Be attentive to their needs, and theyll be attentive to yours.

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Michel Foucault Panopticism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Michel Foucault Panopticism - Essay Example al authorities have chosen to control citizens through the appointment of a syndic which will have an ‘absolute’ power over the town’s population. The term ‘absolute’ means that people in this ‘imaginary’ town are not allowed going out of their homes apart from the hours and the places indicated by the syndic in advance. This structure resembles with a prison and in this way the argument of Foucault that prison could be considered to have the same ‘structure’ as a hospital or a school, could be justified. On the other hand, in order for the above scheme to operate successfully, there should be provisions for the participation of citizens in it. In this context, it is noticed by Foucault that ‘this surveillance is based on a system of permanent registration: reports from the syndics to the intendants, from the intendants to the magistrates or mayor; at the beginning of the lock up, the role of each of the inhabitants pre sent in the town is laid down, one by one’ (Foucault, 1995). In other words, the effectiveness of this scheme could be based on the existence of a specific plan of registration through which all people participated in the relevant ‘project’ would be registered. Under these terms, every event in the town would be precisely checked and every aspect of citizens’ life could be controlled. In real terms, the above scheme could be partially applied. In modern towns where a series of tools of surveillance has been implemented in order to control crime, the life of citizens is under the control of the state. The above situation even if justified because of the need for the protection of citizens’ life and property, it should be carefully reviewed as of the appropriateness of the machines used for the surveillance of human activities. In fact, the conditions of life in modern town resemble the description of Foucault’s imaginary town. In accordance with Foucault this town will be a place ‘in which the individuals are

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Pricing and Cost Leadership in Management Accounting Essay

Pricing and Cost Leadership in Management Accounting - Essay Example In the company's situation, I believe that it will be better off pursuing a cost differentiation strategy which will allow it not to compete head-on with Starbucks that is directly on the opposite street. Starbucks is already an established player with an upscale clientele and serving the market through differentiation strategy. However, not all customers can patronize its products because of the high prices. Thus, the coffee outlet can offer specialty coffee products at lower prices which can be afforded by ordinary individuals. In this case, the company should be able to keep costs in check by employing the most efficient processes through the elimination of non-value adding activities. The company can make profit through the expected higher volume as consumers demand more of the products. Identify a small number of areas (between 5-10) of important areas (referred to as critical success factors) for this coffee outlet. A critical success factor is an area in which performance must be at least satisfactory for the business to achieve its mission. The success of the operation of the coffee outlet is dependent on a lot of factors. First, the company should be able to create an appropriate branding strategy which will make it stand out among other competitors. In the specialty coffee industry, branding strategy is very much important even in the mere survival of the business organization because it emphasizes the strength of the company as well as indicates what customers expect. Next, the coffee outlet's brand image should be backed through the delivery of the image. For instance, since the company chooses to offer lowest prices, it should always conduct a market scanning in order to make sure that it is really offering the most competitive price. Another success factor is the outlet's product quality. In a world where customers have become more discriminating have higher bargaining power, it is important that business organizations, ensure that they are offering high quality products. In addition to this, the coffee outlet should align its workforce with its staff. In delivering the intended image and good product quality, the staff should also be educated and adept in offering excellent customer service which will enhance the overall branding strategy of the firm. Service is very much significant to specialty coffee retailers and other players in the hospitality industry. Next, the coffee outlet should also invest in having an atmosphere and ambiance where customers can sit back, relax, and socialize with friends recognizing that most coffee drinkers visit coffee shop in order to get away from the stressful office environment. List different types of information that would be relevant in order to manage this business. Your information requirements can be either accounting or non-financial. The management of the specialty coffee outlet should be based on an extensive and intensive market research which will help the business organization to pinpoint the most profitable market to be served. This will also enable them to tailor their products according

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Theories of Attention and Perception

Theories of Attention and Perception Moses Nhamburo How have psychologists sought to explain selective attention? To what extent have they been successful? According to Psychologists, selective attention is defined as an act where an individual tries to focus on a specific subject or object for a specific period of time, whereas at the same time ignoring several other irrelevant things which might be occurring around that person (Renninge et al, 2014). Such kind of situation occurs with everyone and every day. Psychologists have explained that since it is impossible for a normal human being to give attention to every stimulus in our environment, we tend to select or give attention to only those stimuli, which we believe is important for us. Psychologists have been successful in explaining the concept of selective attention to a larger extent. Their explanation is relevant to what we observe in our day-to-day lives. They have also explained that degree of selective attention can vary from one person to another, finally impacting their ability to focus or concentrate on some particular task. Distraction is one of the way through which psy chologists believe that selective attention can be minimised. For example, if one person is hungry, then he will probably focus more on his meal rather than checking an incoming call on his smart phone (Serences Kastner, 2014). Word count: 229 Compare and contrast two of the major theories of perception and evaluate their impact on psychologists understanding of how we perceive the world Two major theories of perception which can be used for this task is: Constructive aspect of perception Ecological aspect of perception. Joel Norman (2000), states that both these theories differ from each other, however both approaches towards perception can be considered as a valid definition of the perception, but they represent different aspect towards perception. In the constructivists approach, it is believed that the stimulus that reaches our senses are generally insufficient which triggers another perceptual system, and is considered to be intelligent (Warren Wertheim, 2014). It is important to understand that the perceptual system relies on a mechanism, which has inferential characteristics. Majority of the individuals face inherent equivocality associated with the stimulation, it can be said that the perceptual system enable an individual to overcome this equivocality. However this is in contrast to what several psychologists believe. Many psychologists believe on the ecological aspect of the perception further mention that information, which is present in the environment around us, is more than enough to fulfill the requirement of creating a perception and cannot be considered as equivocal in nature. That is why there is no requirement to pick any specific or relevant information. Psychologists who support the constructivists approach or perception believe that this theory of perception is multistage in nature where there are intermediate processes interlinking stimulation and perception. Or in other words this theory suggests that perception is indirect, whereas ecological theorists believe that perception is not a multi stage aspect but is single stage process, and can be considered as immediate and direct (Bevan Sparks, 2014). Psychologists supporting the constructive theory of perception believe that in formation of perception in this theory memory schema or metadata, which stores the past experience, play a critical role. On other hand ecological theory advocates the fact that in formation of perception there is hardly any role of memory and perception is generally formed on the basis of what a person experience at that very moment (Flom, 2014). It has been observed that people with constructivists approach excel in a process where analysis is involved, and there is certain mechanism of underlying perception. On other hand people who follow the ecological approach of perception excels at the analysis of the fact that how a stimulus might reach to the observer. Both these theories to a large extent have impacted psychologists in their understanding of how we perceive the world. Based on their experience psychologists believe that ecological approach of perception majorly parallels the dorsal system. Dorsal system is a system, which basically focuses on transformation of information, which is visual in nature into a framework, which is egocentric in nature, which allows the individual to grasp the object. On other hand constructivists approach parallels the ventral system (Stojanov Indurkhya, 2014). Ventral system is considered to be one of the most basic fundamental, which drives the entire visual processing in the brain. Ventral system is different from the dorsal system, as it transforms the visual information in such a form that it can be considered to be exocentric in nature. This in turn enables an individual to create a perception of the object and a relation with the real world is established. Thus it can be said that ecological theory of perception follows a dorsal system, which is focused more on seeing the motion such as a person grasping an apple to eat. On other hand the constructivists approach focuses on the ventral system, which is focused more towards understanding or knowing the environment rather than physically sensing the object. Word count: 598 Much has happened in the field of perceptual development since the early studies of Fantz, Bower, Gibson and Walk. Analyse how the nature/nurture debate today has been advanced by these early studies. Perceptual development can be defined as a process, which lays down a foundation through which we are able to interpret various types of events of the world-taking place in our environment. Much has changes after initial studies on perceptual development by Fantz, Bower, Gibson and Walk was done. Nature vs. Nurture debate to a large extent has advanced over a period of time. In this argument or discussion of perceptual development the basic argument that has existed since ages, that what exactly drive the process of perceptual development. There has been argument on the fact that whether it is nature, genetics, nurture or experience which his important for the sensory system of the human beings to operate (Augustinova Ferrand, 2014). Often it has been argued that in the process of perceptual development on one hand there is genetic position which is all required by the sensory system of the human beings and is considered to be the most critical factor of life, whereas on other hand it is considered that human beings are like a blank slates at the time of birth, and as we experience new things and aspects in life accordingly our perception is formed on that blank slate and we start perceiving things in life. Word count: 210 TAQ 5: Describe 2 pieces of research that has been used to investigate selective visual attention. Use the Stoop 1935 study and one more recent piece research, which use a more robust method than the original Stoop experiment. In psychology Stroop’s study in 1935 demonstrated that there could be possibility of interference in the reaction time of the task. For example when name of a color is printed in a color which is not denoted by the name, for example word ‘Blue’ printed in Red then in such situation it was found that naming of the word takes longer time as is prone to error. In Stroop’s experiment stimuli was divided into 3 groups namely: neutral, incongruent and congruent. Thus in a neutral stimuli in which only text or color is displayed (Ikeda et al, 2014). Congruent stimuli is the one in which the color of the ink and the word refer to the same color. Lastly in incongruent stimuli ink color and word both differ from each other. One of the relatively recent theories is Feature integration theory of attention, which was developed by Anne Treisman, and Garry advocated the fact that when a human being perceives a stimulus then in that process features are registered first in parallel whereas objects are identified separately. Thus according to this theory the visual attention goes through various stages from the point an object is seen till the point perception is made about the same. As per this theory first object is analysed, then its features are combined and ultimately perception is made. To a large extent this theory further substantiated the Stroop’s experiment with more logical explanation. The Animal Stroop task with children is a quite neat study. Evaluate both the piece of research. Why may the second piece of research be better than the original Stroop experiment Animal Stroop task was basically developed for kids, as the initial test on which Stroop’s experiment was based on the words and colors and due to limited reading abilities of the kids that test was not much successful when applied to the kids. Original Stroop task didn’t consider the visual aspect to a large extent (Anderson, 2014). It was more focused on how an individual reads a particular word and how he perceives that word on the basis of the color. It did not include the image aspect of the perception. On other hand the second experiment, which was based on the images of the animals, included both reading as well as visual perception. This tested the visual perception power of an individual as well. Unlike first test, which was purely based on how an individual perceives and interprets only the textual content, the second research also focused on testing of visual attention when images are displayed to the individual. It can be said that the second Stroop experime nt was more inclusive in nature as it included various other aspects as well, that is why it can be considered to be more comprehensive in nature and revealed more information about the perception making process in an individual Using the information from your answer above, explain how the research on selective visual attention has been applied practically in everyday life. As discussed in above sections, it can be clearly said that selective visual attention definitely has important role to play in our everyday life. Even though most of the time we don’t even realize that the phenomenon is taking place, but we do apply selective visual selection. Practically the concept is applicable in every possible aspect of life. For example you are scrolling through news feed of an online e-paper, however you will never read each and every line, but you will still be aware of that what the content is talking about. The moment we find some content, which we perceives as interesting we will stop scrolling, and start reading that content. Similarly, we are travelling by a local train, but we are not focused on our surroundings and are looking on our smart phone and ignoring the surroundings (Sperling Hsu, 2014). Thus this is a typical example through which it can be understood that how we are visually segregating our attention to only those things which we pe rceive as important. This capability allows human being to avoid getting distracting when the person is trying to focus on some important task. However distraction is the way through which the selective visual attention can be reduced as well. Word count: 707 References Renninger, A., Hidi, S., Krapp, A. (Eds.). 2014.The role of interest in learning and development. Psychology Press. Serences, J. T., Kastner, S. 2014. A multi-level account of selective attention.The Oxford Handbook of Attention, 76. Warren, R., Wertheim, A. H. (Eds.). 2014.Perception and Control of Self-motion. Psychology Press. Bevan, J. L., Sparks, L. 2014. The relationship between accurate and benevolently biased serial argument perceptions and individual negative health perceptions.Communication Research,41(2), 257-281. Flom, R. 2014. Perceptual narrowing: Retrospect and prospect. Developmental psychobiology. Stojanov, G., Indurkhya, B. 2014. Perceptual Similarity and Analogy in Creativity and Cognitive Development. InComputational Approaches to Analogical Reasoning: Current Trends(pp. 371-395). Springer Berlin Heidelberg. Augustinova, M., Ferrand, L. 2014. Social priming of dyslexia and reduction of the Stroop effect: What component of the Stroop effect is actually reduced? Cognition,130(3), 442-454. Ikeda, Y., Okuzumi, H., Kokubun, M. 2014. Stroop-like interference in the real animal size test and the pictorial animal size test in 5-to 12-year-old children and young adults.Applied Neuropsychology: Child,3(2), 115-125. Anderson, N. H. (Ed.). 2014.Contributions To Information Integration Theory: Volume 1: Cognition. Psychology Press. Sperling, G., Hsu, A. 2014. Deriving the acuity and the capacity of visual spatial attention.Journal of Vision,14(10), 521-521. MOSES NHAMBUROPage 1

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The Case against Tipping

There are many good reasons on why you should tip a waiter. Anyone who has had much experience in a restaurant franchise would know that most of your wages are tips. The places do this in order to promote better service and to save money by not having to pay the employee minimum wages. This can be beneficial to the customer leaving a good tip can give a customer better results with the service. They may get a kinder person, faster service, and hotter and fresher food or drinks. They also can leave with the knowledge that they made the person feel better about their job, and the fact that they may make their days wages. On the bad side of tipping The people usually don’t even make minimum wage. They have to rely on the customer in order to make a pay check. This may make the customer fell like their being scammed out of their money, because the person serving them isn’t working for them so why should they have to pay the persons wages. Another con is the tip your giving may be as much as the stuff you bought or possibly even more. Some places coffee is just a dollar and with a dollar tip that would set the price as the same as what the person bought. Another problem is that they may have a cup set out in order to make the customer feel bad about not tipping. What if you don’t have enough for a tip at the time? You feel you have to because it’s set right there in front of you playing a mental game. OR what if they give you bad service why should you tip for that? What reasons do you find most compelling? The reasons I find most compelling are the fact that restaurants in particular push their waiters/waitresses into the customer’s hands. I am one that believes that the people should get paid regular wages and have their tips be a bonus for good work. Not have the customers foot the wages for them so they can be greedy and put more money in their pockets. Another reason that I find compelling on the other side is the fact that sense the customer does it helps them get better service. I do get understand the sense of gratification of the person that tips and receives it does make them feel better about their jobs. But at the same time people shouldn’t feel obligated to tip for bad service. Which concerns have particular merit? I think that the tip jar situation does have merit. If a person set a jar out for tips it is a trap that messes with the customers mind. I would personally feel bad if I looked at the tip jar and didn’t have enough money to pay or if I got bad service I’d feel like I was being forced to pay for that bad service. Also The fact that the employees have to make their wages off of the tips poses a lot of merit. Essentially on one hand I’m paying for a worker that isn’t employed by me. On the other hand that worker has to make their wages. Can you balance the interests of both sides of the issue?

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Drinking Alcohol Essay - 1379 Words

Drinking Alcohol Alcohol can and does kill millions of people. It can effect your brain and make you shake, lose all your senses, and kill off your brain cells. It also can cause your liver to deteriorate and not function properly. Liver transplants are hard to come by and do not happen often, if your liver goes out you do not have many chances of living much longer. You could also choke on your puke and die. Drinking too much alcohol can kill you, but millions of people consume mass amounts daily. College students drink and party a great amount. The average student drinks at least three nights a week and that is the weekend. Most sororities and fraternities encourage drinking. The fraternities make their pledges drink and the†¦show more content†¦I do not know how those kids do it, but hopefully they will realize it someday. In my experience in college, I have realized that alcohol has had a very bad impact on my choices and academics. Although my grades this semester have improved from last semester, I have not picked up a book in two weeks. I went to Arizona to visit this guy that I know from high school and all I did was drink when I was there. Once I returned, I had to work and I have also had a lot of stupid things to deal with ever since. Somehow I managed to drink thursday, friday, and saturday. Each night I did not get home until around four or five in the morning. I do not know how I did it, but I made it to class on friday. I do not feel as if I have a drinking problem because I know I do not need it to have a good time. I am shy and when I drink I do not feel shy anymore and just walk up to random people and talk to them. It is really hard for me to make friends when I am sober because I choke up and can not think of anything to say. Also, I can not dance but when I am drunk I have so much fun dancing and laughing with my friends and the people I meet. Somehow alcohol is easily available and people want to drink with me so that is how it usually starts. There are many bad situations where I feel could have been avoided if I had not been drunk. I think that I need to get back in the habit of doing allShow MoreRelatedDrinking Alcohol And Alcohol Abuse952 Words   |  4 PagesEveryday around the world alcoholics attempt to quit drinking, with many succumbing to addiction once more. Alcohol can be highly addictive and plaguing the lives of alcohol abusers. When alcoholics do attempt to quit drinking alcohol, they go through various withdrawal symptoms that complicates the road to sobriety. Quitting alcohol is far from a simple process and will require initiative and perseverance. Although many attempt to quit alcohol by simply by going â€Å"cold turkey,† there are various stepsRead MoreThe Problem Of Drinking Alcohol868 Words   |  4 Pagesatrocities. From puberty to adolescence this becomes increasingly harder as things like alcohol consumption enters the discussions of the growing minds of our youth. any believe that people at age 18 should be able to drink alcohol because it will prevent them from drinking it excessively. However, at any age under 21, alcohol consumption can poison their physical and psychological growth. Therefore, the drinking age should remain at 21. Many like to make the argument that if you can die for yourRead MoreThe History of Drinking Alcohol in America2758 Words   |  11 Pages In early America drinking alcohol was as common as eating. The water was not always clean and pure so people drank alcohol instead to be sure they wouldn’t catch any illnesses running through the water. This was until physicians realized how dangerous alcohol was and writers started to advertise alcohol as a poison. The next thing you know there are people against alcohol and many communities were being divided into people who drink and the people who don’t drink. This is when The Temperance movementRead MoreThe Effects Of Alcohol Drinking Alcohol On Children1219 Words   |  5 PagesAlcohol has always been around in our lifetimes. If you enjoy it now then what if you had it at an earlier age? What if your parents allowed you to drink it? What if your children could drink it without any problems. Alcohol by itself is not dangerous at all if consumption is regulated and drinking responsibly. Each day, it seems more and more incidents involving the influence of alcohol o r being drunk are occurring more often. That creates a very negative image of alcohol, and minors could be educatedRead MoreDrinking Alcohol Is Socially Acceptable?963 Words   |  4 PagesDrinking alcohol is socially acceptable almost everywhere you go, although many people fail to see the substantial effects or choose to ignore them completely. Alcohol is commonly known to create feelings of euphoria or is often used as a substance to cure feelings of depression, stress, and anxiety. For whatever reasons one might have to consume alcohol, the side effects need to become of realization to consumers. An understanding of feasible outcomes need to be informed to those who might not realizeRead MorePros and Cons of Drinking Alcohol1305 Words   |  6 PagesAlcohol abuse is the most common problem, nowadays. In fact, majority of people drink alcohol repeatedly to the point where they have difficulty to stop. Statistics show that, as much as, â€Å"40% of college students report drink ing five or more drinks in one episode† (Walters Baer, 2006). Alcohol has become more popular over the years as advertisements, simultaneously with commercials of it, filled the media. It also is easily accessible and cheap in comparison to other psychoactive substances. OnRead MoreShould There Be Legal Age For Drinking Alcohol? Essay750 Words   |  3 PagesShould there be legal age for drinking alcohol? there is always a question that why alcohol is not banned .alcohol have destroyed many lives and it is still destroying .youngsters find it cool to drink alcohol so they get easily get attracted to it .when a person drinks alcohol he loses his control on himself .if a person is alcoholic the chances a person can commit crime increases. Alcohol should be ban because it is destroying our youngsters, health and psychological. Alcohol is the worst a person canRead MoreEffects Of Drinking Too Much Alcohol1496 Words   |  6 PagesSide Effects Of Drinking Too Much Alcohol We all know the power and influence alcohol can have over our minds and for many it has become so deep-rooted in our life’s that a gathering is almost always associated with drinking. Many of us don’t think about the negative side effects that drinking too much alcohol at once or long-term, has on our bodies. So how much alcohol, is too much alcohol? According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) moderate drinking, is no more thanRead MoreThe Effects Of Alcohol And Teen Drinking1069 Words   |  5 PagesDryden-Edwards (2), teenage drinking is widespread, and teenagers believe that it is acceptable. But, teenagers’ bodies are still developing. They fail to realize that consuming alcohol places them in danger  for numerous issues.   Consuming alcohol is more widespread among teenagers than most realize. Alcohol and Teen Drinking (1) reports that three-fourths of seniors,  a little over two-thirds of Sophomores, and two out of f ive 8th graders have experimented with alcohol. With rising statistical informationRead MoreAlcohol and Teen Drinking Essay2212 Words   |  9 Pages Alcohol use among American teenagers is a problem of epidemic proportions. Alcohol is a drug -- the drug of choice of adolescents and adults. Abuse of this drug Is responsible for death and injury in automobile accidents, physical and emotional disability, loss of productivity amounting to millions of dollars annually, deterioration of academic performance, aggressive and disruptive behavior causing problems with family and friends, and individual financial ruin. It also is the primary cause of